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Dirty tricks: Romanians Dictate face masks but get Bathroom roll instead

Police say the scam has witnessed 89 individuals fall prey to the fraudsters.

Adverts were published on the internet and social websites promising surgical masks however the imports comprised only bathroom roll, said authorities.

“I paid the postman delivering the bundle and while he went into his car to bring the shift that I opened the bundle,” Cristina Bala, among the victims, informed Euronews.

“I saw that there were no masks and went right to the post office to require the $100 payment be returned.

“Post office agents told me that they blocked the payment because they await further details in law enforcement.

“I went into the authorities, they took fingerprints from the bundle and that I stated what occurred.

“To my surprise, days after I had been called by somebody in the local post office to inform me they could not obstruct the payment.

“I don’t know whether I will ever get my money back today.”

A probe was established and eight arrests warrants are issued for suspects thought to participate in the scam.

Wearing face masks is compulsory on public transportation and in closed public areas in Romania.

The COVID-19 pandemic and following lockdown say costs for face masks improved. Online prices were up to 30 times that which was billed before coronavirus.