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‘Discipline and fitness Aids in playing 200 Matches for India’: Chinglensana Singh | Exclusive

Are you considering getting the Arjuna Award?

I am quite pleased to get the Arjuna Award and also on the individual level; this is the most significant award of my livelihood. This decoration was possible due to the aid of my teammates and even at the upcoming tournaments that this accomplishment will inspire me to carry out better to the national group.

Inform us about your morning when you began playing hockey.

In my village, baseball has been the hottest game once I was growing up. There are several great players out of this area, which helped me in pursuing the sport. My family was also a massive service, and though there was not any trainer in my club, all of the senior players assisted us. As soon as I began playing for the national side, I got work in Railways, which was a massive deal for me personally.

Would you wish to do anything to enhance the infrastructure for baseball in Manipur?

In Manipur, there’s minimal infrastructure in regards to hockey. You may hardly find areas that sell baseball sticks, and you need to import them out of Punjab. However, I’m attempting to assist the forthcoming players from the country and that I try to supply them with the simple gear.

What’s the upgrade in your injury? Are you going to get fit before the qualifiers?

It’s essential to keep your fitness since the rivalry from the national team is very high, and it’s always rather hard to generate a comeback. I am attempting to recuperate from my injury before the qualifiers, and even though I’m not quite a hundred per cent, I’m linking the federal camp with the group.

You’ve played over 200 matches for India. What’s the secret behind your wellbeing?

The game has changed a whole lot since my introduction. Discipline and fitness are the primary items in baseball right now and claiming that assisted me enjoy playing 200 games for the national group. There’s not any place for any junk food and that I make it a point to stick to the program given to us from the coaches.