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Displaced migrants on Lesbos island Demonstration in Aftermath of fire in Moira camp

At least three men were detained on Saturday after protests by migrants displaced by the devastation of this Moria refugee camp on Lesbos in flames before this week, according to AP.

A couple of women fainted because of tear gas used to spread people who joined the demonstration and one individual was evacuated by ambulance after falling while using a seizure, the news agency added.

Before, tens of thousands had gathered for a demonstration demanding to be permitted to depart the Greek island, amassing on a street blocked by authorities buses.

The rally was loud but calm, with most children and women in life.

Some of these demonstrators wore masks at the tightly packed bunch of folks who lately had lived at the camp, which had heaps of supported coronavirus instances before it burnt down on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Together with the camp, guys, women, and kids have been sleeping beneath improvised shelters made from reed stalks, blankets and bought tents.

Over a hundred individuals moved into a brand new camp constructed with UNHCR tents after being analyzed for COVID-19.

More than 12,000 people were left homeless after the flames ripped through the camp.

Critics say that the blazes were intentionally started by camp residents who had been mad at quarantine orders enforced after 35 individuals in Moria tested positive for COVID-19.

The Moria camp has been constructed to house around 2,750 individuals, but overcrowding contributed to over 12,500 people residing there.

It’s been held up by critics as a sign of the European Union’s migration policy failings.

The camp has a capacity of approximately 3,000, although police have stated they’ll offer housing for everyone left homeless. Strategies to utilize a ferry as temporary lodging for migrants are sought after local officials needed to know the length of time the boat would be utilized for.

Police say none of the camp inhabitants — except for 406 unaccompanied minors — will be permitted to depart Lesbos. The teenagers and kids were flown into the Greek mainland Wednesday, and many European nations will take a number of them in.

Other nations have pledged assistance to get a brand new camp to be constructed on Lesbos — a growth which neither local inhabitants nor the migrants desire.