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‘Do Not leave non-Covid conditions untreated’,’ UK Police warn Cancel’empty’ hospital wards

Health authorities in the united kingdom have warned that individuals might be allowing cancer and other severe ailments go untreated since they’re fearful of grabbing the coronavirus should they visit the hospital.

Many beds in Warrington Hospital were vacant on Friday, April 25 and sometimes entire wards were abandoned.

Public Health England said visits to hospital emergency departments had dropped by nearly 50 percent in April compared with the same month this past year.

The charity Cancer Research UK estimated that 2,250 new cases of cancer might be going unnoticed per week, partially because people are unwilling to visit hospitals because of fear of catching the coronavirus or overburdening the machine.

“I don’t feel that heart attacks have abruptly stopped occurring. I don’t feel people are not having strokes”.

The NHS has encouraged individuals to continue to seek urgent aid if required and attend cancer screening along with pregnancy care appointments.