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Doctor Requires a greater Emphasis on the mental health fallout from COVID-19

French President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement of a slow lifting of lockdown constraints comes as a relief for tens of thousands of French individuals mainly confined to their houses because of the end of October.

Presently, the French can simply leave the home for a few motives, including food purchasing, taking the kids to college, or to attend a medical appointment. They need to complete a form every time.

However, this limitation is defined to be raised on December 15, Macron stated on Tuesday evening. Bars and restaurants, though, will stay closed over the Christmas period.

The government’s easing of constraints is consistent with physicians who cautioned not to relax steps too quickly. They feared a repeat of the errors France made because it emerged out of a lockdown from the spring without a clear policy on masks and restricted testing capability.

Dr. Johanthan Peterschmitt, a general practitioner in southern France, advised Euronews the attention now must shift away from your daily tally of fresh COVID-19 deaths and cases to take into consideration the mental health impact of this outbreak.

“As a physician, I see lots of very desperate people coming in my office,” he explained. “The method by which in which the authorities and politicians discuss the virus is making people worried and that is a large issue. It’d be better to discover what’s happening out there in the area instead of simply discuss the frightening amounts.”