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DOD watchdog Won’t investigate Help to Ukraine but May future

Last updated on December 13, 2019

The inspector general’s office to the Department of Defense is falling to start an investigation to the department’s delay in supplying military assistance funds to Ukraine, but will also leave the door open to starting in the future.

Durban along with also a group of senators asked the inspector general to start an investigation to the delay in September, again earlier this month. Inside his two-page correspondence, Acting Inspector General Glenn Fine noted the same topic is just one of the vital problems in the impeachment question underway at the House of Representatives.

“We seek to not duplicate or interfere with the attempts of other oversight entities, even though there’s not a criminal proceeding, before beginning our evaluation,” Fine wrote.

However, his letter stated, these investigations were normally initiated before the diplomatic action.

Also, he noticed that the impeachment question” isn’t a standard congressional oversight investigation”

For all those reasons, the inspector general decided not to start the probe, however, noticed that could change since the question goes ahead. When it finishes, the letter “we would consider exploring such DoD things that have never been satisfactorily addressed”