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Does relaxing cause you nervous?

“I suffer much from nervousness that even when I’m not stressed, I fear it is going to strike me and only worrying about it gets me stressed,” among psychologist Geetanjali Kumar’s patients told her later. Another confessed that she’s afraid to acknowledge when she’s working nicely for her because it makes her worried that something might fail.

These are not rare scenarios. “Lots of individuals experiencing anxiety feel that they do not deserve to unwind. They fear if they are not worrying, something bothersome will occur,” says Kumar.

The report adds, that Newman, who in 2011 developed the concept contrast prevention’ — that, the MNT article quotes her explaining, is based around the concept that”individuals may create themselves nervous intentionally‚Ķ to prevent the letdown they may get if something awful were to happen” — sensed this could be why comfort does not work for a few.

For Kumar’s patients, that which often helps is listening to melodious songs and finger painting — simply dipping their hands in pots of color and trailing them onto a canvas. “It functions as a discharge of pent up feelings. Also, I tell them to simply focus on their breathing. However, these are just short-term aids. In the long term, the one thing which helps is learning how to govern one’s ideas,” she states.