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‘Donald Trump Advised PM Modi to mend ties with Pakistan’: White House

Trump also spoke with Modi during their bilateral meeting on the margins of the UN General Assembly concerning the need to deal with obstacles to free, honest, and reciprocal commerce, according to a readout of this lawsuit by the White House.

Interacting with the media until the assembly, Trump had mostly ducked a flurry of queries about the Kashmir problem and terrorism emanating from Pakistan and said he thought Modi was capable of tackling those difficulties. He had not made any brand new offer to mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir — a problem he’s brought up a few times lately remarks.

During interactions with the media together with Modi and Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday, Trump had side-stepped concerns on Pakistan’s role in encouraging terrorism against India and instead said Iran must be”in the peak of the list” of terrorist states.

The White House readout stated Trump also” reaffirmed the significance of significantly increasing commerce between the USA and India, also emphasized the need for resolving obstacles to free, honest, and mutual trade, including enhancing United States firms’ market access in India.”

There was no immediate reaction from Indian officials.

Modi and Trump also discussed progress on distinct details of this India-US strategic venture. Trump noted”great progress on security and defense alliance,” the readout said.

Both leaders voiced concerns regarding the situation in Afghanistan and shared thoughts on how best to work together to promote prosperity and security in this country.