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Donald Trump calls impeachment inquiry against him some scam

“The impeachment question is a scam. The conversation I had with President Volodymyr Zelensky was excellent. It was a cordial, very great dialog,” Trump told reporters in the White House on Monday. Democrats in the US House of Representatives are analyzing if there are reasons to impeach Trump, a Republican, dependent on a whistleblower’s accounts that said he requested Ukrainian President Zelenskiy at a July 25 telephone call to help research Democratic political rival Biden Trump stated those hoping to initiate impeachment proceedings against him saw that the whistleblower report before understanding about the content of this dialogue between the Ukranian President.

“The mistake they made — that the competitions, the resistance, the Democrats, the revolutionary left, profound state, anything you would like to call them they came out with a whistleblower report until they watched the dialogue,” he explained.

“had they waited day, Nancy Pelosi would not have made a fool out of himself, and she’d have been in a position to state what I stated. Since when she watched it, she stated that this isn’t exactly what the whistleblower said. I had a really, very congenial, pleasant conversation with a guy I like. And he conducted on corruption,” Trump said.

“He also made a speech. And his address was a fraud. He went as if I wrote. He defrauded the American men and women. He defrauded his loved ones,” he explained.

“Nancy Pelosi understood all this stuff. I mean, she is as guilty as he is since she understood all that. She understood it all about but did not do anything,” he explained. “They should be considered quite strongly since what they did is unthinkable. What they did to the nation is unthinkable. It is fortunate that I am the President, since I guess I do not understand why — lots of folks said very few people could manage it. I kind of flourish on it. As it is so important that people reach the floor,” he explained.

Trump said one can not impeach a President for doing a fantastic job. “You can not impeach a President for getting the lowest unemployment numbers that we have had in 51 decades. You can not impeach a President for tax cuts and law cuts and producing the most powerful market on the planet. We’ve got the most powerful economy on the planet,” he said, calling impeachment against him a scam.