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Donald Trump Declares Production of US Space Control

President Donald Trump on Thursday announced the introduction of a new combatant command in the US Army, known as Space Control. The new control will protect American interests in the distance, which he stated, was”that the upcoming war-fighting domain.”

“People who would like to hurt the USA seek to challenge us at the ultimate high ground of space,” the president said in comments in a launch event in the White House. “It is going to be an entirely different ballgame.”

Space Control will be America’s 11th unified control, following geographic Central Control, Africa Control, Indo-Pacific Control, operational Transport Command, and the Strategic Control.

Air Force General John Raymond that is heading the new control talked to reporters ahead of the launching service. “I believe we’re in a strategic inflection point, where there’s nothing which we do at the combined coalition force which is not allowed by distance. Zero,” he explained.

Although the US president didn’t mention certain dangers or title adversaries, officials pointed to Russia and China and said a 2007 evaluation where China fired a missile to destroy among its weather satellites.

India can do so, as it is shown via an anti-satellite evaluation in March, however it isn’t about the US radar as an adversary.

This is the second time that the US is taking a shot in another Space Command. It had been trashed after the September 11, 2001 attacks, as Pentagon switched its attention on combating terrorism.

Raymond told me this moment; it’s different: a”different control assembled for another environment.”

Next about the president’s radar is that the production of Space Force, he explained, to”prepare, prepare, and equip fighters to encourage SPACECOM’s assignment.”