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Donald Trump press conference Chased as man shot near White House

A uniformed Secret Service officer shot and injured a man in a confrontation near the White House that led to President Donald Trump is suddenly escorted from a briefing area during a news conference Monday, police said.

The White House complex wasn’t breached and nobody under Secret Service protection was at risk, said Tom Sullivan, chief of the Secret Service Uniformed Division.

The title of this guy, 51, and his state wasn’t published by Sullivan.

Sullivan said the guy had promised he was armed forces, moved aggressively toward the officer, also seemed ready to fire until the officer shot him. Sullivan didn’t address whether the guy had been armed.

Law enforcement officials were attempting to ascertain a rationale and police were investigating whether the guy had a history of emotional illness.

Trump had only started a coronavirus briefing when a US Secret Service agent escorted him to the briefing room. The president returned later, stating there was a”shooting” out the White House which has been”under control”

“There was a real shooting and someone’s been taken to the hospital,” Trump said. The president said law enforcement had fired the shots and that he considered the person who had been taken was armed. “This was the defendant who was taken,” he explained.

Trump said the representative had escorted him into the Oval Office. The White House was put on lockdown after the episode.

At a Monday night announcement to colleagues, Sullivan said the shooting happened just before 6 pm EDT after the guy approached the uniformed Secret Service officer near 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue and informed the officer that he had a weapon.

The person then turned about and”rushed harshly toward the creation, and also at a drawing movement, removed a thing from his clothes,” Sullivan explained. The defendant then”crouched to a shooter’s position, as though intending to shoot a weapon” before the officer shot the man once in the chest, he explained.

Sullivan published no information concerning the officer and wouldn’t answer any questions in a late-night news conference near the scene.

An internal inspection of this shooting from the Secret Service was underway, along with the Metropolitan Police Department was also exploring, a typical protocol.

In the White House, Trump praised Secret Service employees for their job in keeping him safe. Asked when he had been shaken from the episode, Trump asked colleagues: “I do not understand. Can I look rattled?”