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Donald Trump snaps back claim That He Desired alligators to Prevent immigrants

Last updated on October 3, 2019

President Donald Trump on Wednesday refused a US media report he proposed extreme steps, such as alligator-filled trenches, to prevent migrants from the Mexican boundary.

“The media is attempting to sell the very fact that I needed a Moot filled with alligators and snakes, using an electrified fence and sharp spikes at the top, in our Southern Border,” Trump tweeted, after correcting the spelling to browse”Moat.” The media has gone crazy. Trump wrote.

He was reacting to a New York Times report detailing exactly what was stated to be Trump’s frustration with legislation restricting what he could do to prevent migrants.

Trump, the Times reported, spoke with possibly deadly reptiles as well as spiked fences. He allegedly suggested enabling soldiers to take illegal border crossers from the legs after being advised it wasn’t allowed to use deadly force.

Trump has made a clampdown on both legal and illegal immigration among the keystones of the civic”America first” presidency.

Undocumented crossings of the Mexican boundary have fallen sharply.