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Donald Trump Titles hostage negotiator his fourth NSA

“I’m very happy to announce that I will title Robert C. O’Brien, now serving as the very successful Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs in the State Department, since our new National Security Advisor,” the president wrote on Twitter. “I’ve worked hard with Robert. He’ll do a fantastic job!”

O’Brien succeeds John Bolton, who had been fired from the president growing differences pertaining to crucial foreign policy issues like discussions with North Korea and Afghanistan and connections with Iran. Additionally, Bolton’s confrontational style had alienated him from members of this government, mostly Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

O’Brien’s appointment was endorsed by Pompeo, based on reports, at a indication of the secretary of state’s growing prestige on national security problems, which makes him a towering first among the equals, who’d incorporate the secretary of defense Mark Esper and CIA manager Gina Haspel.

O’Brien is an attorney by training and also the site of the California law firm he co-founded says he’s worked for two secretaries of state Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton and informed three presidential campaigns — Mitt Romney, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz’s — on foreign policy.

Since the Trump government’s chief hostage negotiator, O’Brien is credited with securing the launch of a warrior who was maintained by Turkey and a petroleum engineer kidnapped in Yemen.


O’Brien are the fifth US NSA which Doval has coped with, beginning with Susan Rice from the Obama government; and Michael Flynn, HR McMaster and John Bolton of the Trump government.