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Donald Trump to Signal Fresh 60-day immigration ban Now

U.S. President Donald Trump stated in a tweet he’d sign an executive order checking immigration in the future Wednesday, in a move he’s said would shield U.S. employees amid the financial fallout in the coronavirus epidemic.

While including several exemptions, the ban may be revived for another 60 days or more, ” he explained, and another arrangement was also being contemplated.

Some questions remained on the facts of the arrangement, the most up-to-date in a series of measures the Republican president has chosen to clamp down on immigration, a trademark election effort issue which helped propel him into the White House at 2016.

The movement could face barriers, with a few legal experts stating a broad, global order checking legal immigration will probably be contested.

Critics also have said they see Trump’s new policy as an attempt to divert from his reply to the coronavirus pandemic because he attempts re-election in November.