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Donald Trump tweets Photograph of Army Puppy Injured in Baghdadi raid

Trump tweeted a photograph of a Belgian Malinois he explained worked with a group of special forces at the capture of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at a tunnel under a chemical in northeastern Syria.

The title and other facts about the dog stay a secret.

“We’ve declassified an image of this great puppy (name not declassified) that did such a fantastic JOB in killing and capturing the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi!” The president tweeted.

Al-Baghdadi put off an explosion that killed himself and three kids and seemingly hurt the puppy.

Milley said the dog was”slightly injured” but is recovering and has returned to duty with its handler for an undisclosed site. He also Defense Secretary Mark Esper stated the U.S. is shielding the puppy’s identify by storing any information regarding the puppy categorized for today.

“We aren’t releasing the name of this dog at the moment,” Milley said. “The puppy remains in cinema.”

The U.S. army commonly utilizes the Belgian Malinois to direct and guard troops, hunt out enemy forces and search for explosives. The strain is prized because of its intelligence and ability to become competitive on control, stated Ron Aiello, president of this United States War Dogs Association.

“That is the type of dog that you need to direct a patrol similar to this,” said Aiello, a former Marine dog handler whose firm assists active duty and retired military puppies. “They’re the primary line of defense. They move out “

Not releasing the title is logical for a safety precaution for exactly the same reason you would not recognize the troops that participate in the raid,” he explained. “There might be retaliation.”

President Barack Obama fulfilled the puppy in a ceremony to honor the commandos.

Trump gave a dramatic account of the raid from Syria, reluctantly stating that there was only one dog and numerous canines involved with the surgery. He explained that as U.S. troops and their puppies shut, the Allied went”whimpering and crying and crying all of the way” into his passing.