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Donald Trump’s special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker has resignedUS Official

Kurt Volker, a former U.S. ambassador to NATO captured in the center of a whistleblower complaint within President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, resigned Friday from his place as a special envoy to the Eastern European state, as demonstrated by a U.S. official.

The officer stated Volker advised Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday of his choice to leave the project, after disclosures which he had joined Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani with Ukrainian officials to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his household over supposedly corrupt business transactions.

Giuliani has said he had been in regular contact Volker about his attempts. The State Department had no immediate comment about his resignation, and it has said just that Volker placed Giuliani connected with an aide to Ukraine’s president.

Pompeo said Thursday as much as he understood, all State Department employees had acted appropriately in dealing with Ukraine.

Volker was introduced in the Trump government by former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to function as envoy for Ukraine. Arizona State’s student paper was the first to report his resignation.