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Donald Trump’will reach’ 270 electoral college votes, Nigel Farage Forecasts

Donald Trump will surpass 270 votes and acquire re-election as US president, that the prior Brexit leader Nigel Farage has predicted.

However, he advised Euronews he thought the Republican candidate’s staff would feign defeat” and get on with their lives” if Democrat Joe Biden procured success.

Farage said in a live meeting immediately on Tuesday: “My opinion at this time is that he is [Donald Trump] looking like winning Florida, he is looking like winning Georgia, [in] Ohio he is in a small amount of trouble so we are going to find all kinds of odd effects, state-by-by-state tonight.

“The issue is if he will reach 270 votes in the electoral college — I believe he will.”

The prior UKIP and present Brexit Party leader was an early supporter of Trump, linking the president’s effort in the summer of 2016 later Britain voted to leave the European Union.

On the issue of if the Trump staff would feign a Biden success, Farage said he was no doubt that they would.

“I have been in there tonight with all the Trump effort group, with individuals who have put their lives in this, in several cases for a few decades.

“If Joe Biden wins this square and fair, as democratic people who respect the entire process of flames, they will not enjoy it, but they will take it and get on with their lives.

Farage also dismissed fears of unrest on the roads which have seen many stores in Washington, DC rallied: “This town isn’t boarded up since if Joe Biden wins Trump’s men from Tennessee [would] come in and smash up the place. This area is wrapped up if Donald Trump wins”

Farage appeared at numerous rallies lately, including most recently in Arizona.