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Dot Compliance Group Scam Reviews – Is Scam Or Legit Website?

Dot Compliance Group Scam Reviews – Is Scam Or Legit Website? This report provides you a comprehensive report on a drug and alcohol consortium that offers testing services to motorists.

Are you trying to find a consortium that will alcohol and drug testing based on DOT compliance? It’s a professional company that’s licensed to run testing applications all around the United States.

They’ve 10,000 approved testing places spread over 50 countries in the United States.

Let’s examine the following information thoroughly to learn about the Dot Compliance Group.

Is Dot Compliance Group Scam or untrue, let’s find out together-

About Dot Compliance Group?

Dot Compliance Group features alcohol & drug testing services from the USA. They insure solitary owner/operators in addition to the trucking companies with countless drivers.

They randomly pick drivers for analyzing and notify their owners/operators via mails, faxes, SMS, or emails. This random alcohol and drug testing need to be performed within a specified period.

Dot Compliance Group additionally upgrades driver qualification files.

It aims at reducing injuries, accidents, and deaths on streets that involve automobile drivers.

Pros of Dot Compliance Group

  • They Supply Accredited testing through Quest Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Provide services of a certified medical review officer (MRO)
  • They Also Give You the Drug and Alcohol Policy by the national laws
  • They Operate with Complete transparency
  • They’ve 10,000 testing Websites
  • Their testing Procedure is quick, easy, and reliable
  • They also provide an accurate and detailed Record
  • They keep all Data confidential unless you agree via written Consent

Cons of Dot Compliance Group

  • After Telling, drug testing has to be performed within 24 hours and alcohol testing over 3 hours
  • Non-completion of Arbitrary testing results in a written warning to the First-time
  • Any Following compliance may result in the Elimination of Their Firm’s name in the App, Without a refund
  • There’s a penalty if the payment Isn’t received on time
  • There’s a Good for any returned checks
  • There’s a one-year Duration of This Arrangement

Final verdict

Their impeccable website is quite attractive and provides detailed information about the business and its mission.

Their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) response virtually every question a truck business can have.

Their featured sites also upgrade individuals with the latest news and data in the FMCSA.

They are sometimes located on Facebook and Twitter.

Following our detailed evaluation of Dot Compliance Group, we’ve concluded it is a legit company. They plan to maintain your company on the road easily by handling your DOT compliance applications.

We recommend that you register your drivers using their program to guarantee complete security on the streets. This can allow you to work easily without becoming worried about compliance.

It will assist the trucking businesses to learn more about this business.