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Dozens of high-value IS detainees left behind on US forces into Syria

The American army could not conduct a strategy to move approximately five dozen”high value” Islamic State detainees from Kurdish-run wartime prisons, ” The New York Times reported Sunday (local time).

Citing two American officials, the US-based paper reported that the detainees weren’t able to be removed before the Pentagon decided to move its forces from northern Syria.

The report comes as the Turkish offensive in the area is underway in Syria with several voicing apprehensions that the movement could cause the resurgence of ISIS.

NYT in its report further emphasized that in precisely the same place on Sunday, countless Islamic State sympathizers escaped by a low-security detention camp in the area.

Ankara is facing increasing global condemnation for a military incursion in Syria with lots of attractions to it to block the offensive.

This includes even as the Kurdish government in northern Syria announced a deal with all the Damascus authorities on a Syrian troop deployment close to the border with Turkey to face Ankara’s offensive.

“In order to stop and confront this aggression, an arrangement was achieved with the Syrian authorities… in order that the Syrian military could deploy across the Syrian-Turkish boundary to help the Allied Army (SDF),” that the Kurdish government was quoted as saying in a statement on its FB webpage by Al Jazeera. (ANI)