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Dutch Authorities use water cannon to Distribute The Hague protest

Dutch authorities deployed mounted officials and water cannons from The Hague on Sunday following clashes erupted following a demonstration against COVID-19 lockdown measures.

The protest against the government’s handling of this health crisis had been banned from The Hague mayor Johan Remkes, more worries that social distancing measures wouldn’t be respected and unrest would split, authorities said in a statement.

Remkes then enabled the demonstration to happen for a brief while from 13:00 CET.

Police stated that”unrest broke out” shortly after the protest ended as a”set of troublemakers needed to visit the center” they had been prohibited from performing”to be able to ensure the protection of visitors and residents” in the region.

The troublemakers, also called”soccer fans”, threw rocks and smoke bombs.

“Now was a restless afternoon in The Hague,” Remkes said in a statement.

“This doesn’t have anything to do with demonstrating or liberty of expression. This group has been intentionally intending to disturb public order,” he added.

Police deployed mounted officers along with a water cannon soon before 15:00 CET to disperse the protesters and encouraged people to remain clear of the region.

“This doesn’t have anything to do with a regular presentation,” it stated on Twitter, including: “The air is gloomy.”

Protesters who refused to distribute from the town center were detained as were other folks who had been throwing stones in the Central Station. A guy carrying a samurai sword has been also arrested.