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Dutch police arrest More than 20 Individuals after overnight rioting from The Hague

Authorities in the Netherlands have detained over 20 people following the second night of riots at The Hague.

There were no immediate reports of injuries but windows two police vehicles were seriously damaged. A garbage container was set on fire.

The clashes started around 11:00 p.m. on Thursday in the low-income area of Hoefkade-Vaillantlaan.

Mayor Jan van Zanen afterward issued an emergency arrangement on account of this disturbance, giving police extra powers to arrest individuals.

During the nighttime, over 20 suspects were detained, according to an announcement.

Police from the Mobile Police Unit had revived public sequence by Friday morning.

Young men and women in the area have been clashing with police for 2 nights because water police prevented citizens by using fire hydrants to cool off during a weeklong heatwave.