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East German City offers to Participate in migrants Regardless of AFD Fame in Area

The northern Italian city of Neuruppin has stated that it needs to welcome refugees to its community, regardless of the prevalence of the far-right alternate for Germany from the surrounding area.

The city has stated that it’s room for as many as 75 refugees.

Neuruppin’s announcement comes after a fire ravaged the overcrowded Moria camp around the Greek island of Lesbos.

Jens-Peter Golde, Neuruppin’s mayor, says that he thinks it is the correct thing to do: “When we watch that the pictures of Moria, it’s not a matter of dissenting on important political decisions, it’s a matter of morality. We’ve got the chance to assist people in need, so why should not we?”

Martin Osinski, Head of this alliance of collectives” Neuruppin Stays Colourful” along with the former leader of the district 18 lands for asylum seekers states newcomers are great for your town.

“I visit a great deal of those who have heard German and have found work here. I see that in the hospital, the nursing college recruits its apprentices from one of the refugees since few young Germans select these maintenance occupations,” Osinski explained.

“Integration is happening and in my own opinion, it’s not merely a responsibility of the novices, but also an issue of taking and giving.”

Pictures of this Moria fire prompted the city’s chief to talk. The flame left 13,000 individuals without shelter.

Only 16 of these have been in former East Germany.