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ECJ advice Indicates jailed Catalan leader Might have Hunted Resistance as an MEP

The suggestions from Advocate General Maciej Szpunar is an increase for its Catalan separatist movement and Oriol Junqueras, that had been voted in the European Parliament in May despite being arrested in Spain because 2017 following an illegal independence referendum.

He had been sentenced to 13 years in prison in October, along with lots of additional Catalan leaders – paragraphs that triggered outrage in Catalonia, sparking months of demonstrations and protests which are continuing today.

Szpunar stated Junqueras’s certainty had attracted his mandate as a European Parliament member (MEP) to a finish, but he was tried and convicted with no parliament was given the chance to choose his immunity.

The view, if followed closely by the court, would seem to provide Junqueras reasons to challenge his conviction, but it wasn’t clear if it would be sufficient to overturn it.

What the information in the Advocate General means
“That is a significant win to the separatists in Catalonia, who believe Brussels and the European Union have abandoned them to the winner of the Spanish authorities,” clarifies Euronews’ Brussels correspondent Jack Parrock.

“He got voted by voters in Spain but was unable to swear about the constitution to become an MEP since the Spanish government insists that he should have done.

“Exactly what the urge general is saying is that is not down to the Spanish government and it is down to the Republicans.

Immunity, in this instance, means an MEP can’t be subject to detention or legal proceedings due to opinions expressed or votes cast, though it doesn’t apply to an MEP that has committed an offense.

The European Court of Justice, the EU’s highest court, isn’t bound by the urge generals’ remarks, but judges do often follow them in many instances. The court generally provides its verdict over two to four weeks of this ruling.

Following Junqueras was chosen in European Parliament elections in May, Spain’s Supreme Court didn’t permit him to leave prison to require an oath to honor the Spanish ministry, as people chosen in Spain are needed to perform. As he hadn’t taken the oath, the electoral commission announced the seat vacant.

Catalonia protests are still anger
Meanwhile, the French authorities have been caught up in the protests contrary to the Treaty of Junqueras and eight of his colleagues a month.

Authorities on the side of the border in La Jonquera pushed protesters into the side.