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Ecuador probing influx of Cubans Earlier anti-austerity protests

Ecuador on Wednesday said it had been exploring the birth of an odd number of Cubans carrying out a distinctive category of passport at the run-up into October protests from the Arab state, included in a probe of possible foreign involvement in the demonstrations.

Maduro and many others have ignored that as a baseless conspiracy theory.

Interior Minister Maria Paulo Romo stated that in the months before the protests, 250 Cubans went to Ecuador carrying”official passports,” a document issued by Cuba for traveling on particular missions like medical collaboration programs.

“That is evident, and we’ve asked detailed data from the (Cuban) embassy,” Romo said in a media conference.

Romo didn’t specifically state Cubans were engaged with the protests or at preparing them. But she explained Cuban physicians who are employed in Ecuador within a health alliance program was traveling into the nation on official passports. She stated the program, which Moreno was winding down because 2017, was currently being stopped entirely.

Moreno walked back a strategy to remove fuel subsidies after native activists fought with security forces and demanded his resignation. He accused the Sao Paulo Forum, a set of Latin American leftist activists and political parties, of plotting to wake up the violence.

His critics say he’s trying to divert blame for the ill-conceived austerity plan the population was reluctant to accept.