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Effective Methods for Sunburn Treatment

Sunburn can be understood as reddening of the skin accompanied with inflammation, blistering and peeling of the skin as a result of over exposure to sun’s UV  rays.

Because of spending too much of time in sun, if your skin becomes red and sore then you have got sunburns.  Below, we focus on some effective methods for the treatment of sunburn. 

Once you are indoors, you should try following the below mentioned tips to bring a calm to your skin.

  1. Take bath under cold water – Relaxing under a cool stream helps soothe skin inflammation. So take a bath or shower in cold water.  Do not dry yourself by rubbing hard after coming out of the tub. Leave a little moisture and then apply a moisturizer on your skin. This will help cure dryness that can otherwise cause irritation.

 If not bath, put cold damp towel on all the affected areas for 10 to 15 minutes and repeat it a few times in a day. 

  1. Take a pain reliever if it is really bad – Since sunburn is like an injury to the body because of inflammation, it may at times give you pain and thus you may need to take a pain killer like aspirin or ibuprofen which also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  1. Use an aloe vera moisturizer or soy or calamine moisturizer – All these ingredients soothe the irritation and can give you good relief. Be sure to read the composition of the moisturizer before you buy it. For e.g. if the cream contains something like petroleum, benzocaine, or lidocaine is not good in sunburn. This is because, petroleum traps the heat in your skin and benzocaine and lidocaine can bother and irritate your skin.
  1. Water is a natural cooling agent – Drink a lot of water after coming indoors from the sun. It prevents you from dehydration. While on an average 2 litres of water is recommended on a normal day, you may need to increase this on sunburned days. 

Water need depends upon your body’s demand. It should neither be too much that you are uncomfortable and not less that your body still feels dried out.

  1. Do not ever pop your blisters – Leave them as it is because popping them will make them further worse.  Let them heal naturally. Pooping them may call for an unwanted infection when you are already in pain or discomfort and don’t want any more of it. 
  1. Be considerate of your clothes and do not forget to put on sunscreen – In order to avoid the sunburnt areas getting worse and to safeguard yourself a little from sunlight when you next go out, make sure you wear a good sunscreen as often as every 2 hours. Also wear cotton clothes covering your sleeves.

 Do not delay in showing to a dermatologist to avoid the damage getting worse. The continuous exposure to UV rays is harmful and not just limited to sunburn.  It leads to formation of cancerous cells in the skin.