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Egypt’s president Provides initiative to end Battle in war-torn Libya

Sisi’s statement came following a meeting with the visiting leaders at Cairo where they discussed the current developments of the continuing war civil war from Libya.

The initiative, called Cairo Declaration, seeks a cease-fire involving Lebanese Libyan parties beginning from June 8, an UN-supervised election of a Libyan presidential council and deploying a constitutional statement to govern elections for its subsequent phase, Sisi stated in a joint media conference together with Haftar and Saleh.

Libya was secured in a civil war because of the ouster and murdering of former leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The situation escalated in 2014, dividing electricity between two rival authorities: the UN-backed Authorities of National Accord (GNA) located at the capital Tripoli and yet another from the northeastern town of Tobruk allied with Haftar’s LNA.

Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, France, and Russia service Haftar’s LNA, although the GNA is endorsed by Turkey and Qatar, along with Italy.

The eastern-based army started a military campaign in April 2019, trying to take over Tripoli in the UN-backed authorities.

The fighting killed and wounded hundreds of civilians and forced more than 150,000 other people to flee their houses.

Based on Sisi, the initiative attempts to merge and govern Libyan associations to have the ability to execute their responsibilities and ensure fair and clear supply of Libyan funds to all taxpayers, hindering the monopoly of any extremist groups or militias across the nation’s resources.

“The initiative involves respecting all applicable UN attempts and efforts,” he noted, stressing that deteriorating security situation in Libya impacts the safety of neighboring countries regionally and globally.

“The initiative will indicate a start for a new phase to the return of regular and secure lifestyle to Libya,” Sisi stated, adding it also involves continuing the UN-sponsored discussions by the 5+5 Libyan Joint Military Commission at Geneva.

Sisi voiced Egypt’s aspiration for many states and regional and global forces to support this measure to be able to terminate the Libyan catastrophe.

Also, he called on the UN to assume its obligation to encourage all Libyan parties into the UN headquarters in Geneva to relaunch the political procedure.

Speaking at the press conference, the speaker of the Libyan parliament stated that the presidential council suggested by the initiative will include a president, two deputies, along with a prime minister, adding that council’s duration is going to be 18 weeks.

“The council won’t marginalize or exclude anybody,” he stated, adding that”we shall quicken drafting of a constitution and presidential and parliamentary elections will be held”

But he stressed that the LNA is decided to divert the militias in the capital to be able to”unite the Libyan associations”

Shoukry voiced Egypt’s keenness to coordinate with all the states worried about the problem in Libya.

He confirmed that Egypt will keep on pursuing, together with friendly nations, a political option in light of the initiative, and also in the context of their goals agreed upon in the framework of the decisions of the Berlin procedure, to attain complete stability in Libya.