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El Gouna Film Festival: Appears in the red carpet

Since the El Gouna Film Festival drew to a close on Friday (September 27), celebrities from Arab and global theater assembled for this year’s award ceremony that saw Sudanese movie”You’ll Die At 20″, headed by Amjad Abu Alala, receive the El Gouna Golden Star for Narrative Film.

Other awards included Best Feature Documentary to also Sudanese movie”Talking About Trees” and Best Short Film into”Assessment” by Iranian director Sonia Hadad.

Tunisian actress Hend Sabri took home the prize of Best Actress for her part in Noura’s Fantasy and Bartosz Bielenia from Poland was named Best Actress for playing lead to Corpus Christi.

Stars in the final event comprised American actor Steven Seagal, actresses Dorra Zarrouk, Arwa Gouda, Hala Shiha, and version Elisa Sednaoui.

As actors made their way through the red carpet, we picked ten announcements seems (scroll below for complete gallery).

Hend Sabri, celebrity