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Election deadline Renders Joe Biden a step Nearer to US presidency

Tuesday is the “Safe Harbour” deadline afternoon in America, that is when electors have to settle legal disputes, ratify recounts and reevaluate results in the November 3rd Presidential Election.

This requires Joe Biden one step nearer to be verified since the 46th President of the USA.

Apart from Wisconsin, each nation seems to have fulfilled a deadline in national law that means Congress must take the electoral votes which are going to be cast next week and delivered into the Capitol for counting on January 6. Those votes will select Biden as the nation’s next president.

It is referred to as a safe harbor provision since it is a type of insurance policy where a country can lock its electoral votes by simply completing certification of the outcomes and some other state court legal challenges with a congressionally imposed deadline, this season is Tuesday.

However, Congress also set another deadline, six days before electors match, to chalk country outcomes from being contested in Congress.

From the close of the afternoon, each nation is predicted to have made its election outcomes official, devoting 306 electoral votes to Biden and 232 to President Donald Trump.

The incoming President has experienced a vast majority of his legal disputes about November’s vote thrown out of court.

However, based on Euronews’ Washington reporter, Ray Suarez, Safe Harbour afternoon won’t dissuade the Trump legal group.

“The President’s legal staff will continue fighting, keep on attempting to scale the appellant ladder, also expecting to achieve the US Supreme Court using its different complaints,” Suarez said.