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Elton John calls The Lion King Picture a’huge disappointment’, says That He Had Been disrespected

Singer Elton John, whose music proved to be an essential part of the first Disney animated movie The Lion King, has stated that the current movie was a huge disappointment’. John explained that neither was that he forced to feel welcome now around, nor was he even treated with respect.

He advised British GQ, “Music has been so much part of the first and the audio in the present movie did not have the identical effect. The joy and magic have been missing.” He also added, “The soundtrack has not had nearly the same effect on the graphs it had 25 decades back, as it had been the bestselling record of this year. The new soundtrack dropped from the charts so fast, regardless of the huge box-office success”

The movie received mixed reviews from critics, who compared it unfavorably to the first, and criticized the inexpressive faces of those CGI characters.

John, who motivated a biopic lately, continued, “I wish I had been invited to the celebration more, but the imaginative vision for the movie and its music was different this time around and that I was not welcomed or treated using the same amount of admiration. This makes me incredibly sad.” The singer performed classic numbers like Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata from the first, also has been on board to help accommodate the tunes in the movie too. The singer was originally declared to have played a brand-new song for the movie in cooperation with Beyonce, which never made it into the last cut.

The movie created more than 150 crores in India.