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Enforcement counting sheep Finds mysterious monolith in Utah desert

A helicopter team who had been on a mission counting sheep have seen a mysterious monolith in the center of the desert in Utah.

The shiny metallic tower has been seen in America nation’s reddish desert, evoking scenes from sci-fi films like Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

They landed alongside the smooth, tall arrangement to have a look, and have a rest in their job.

They discovered the three-sided stainless-steel thing is roughly as tall as two guys collect.

Nevertheless, they found no clues about who’s pushed it to the ground on one of the red rocks or even why.

“This thing Isn’t from the other world,” stated Lt. Nick Street of the Utah Highway Patrol, a member of the Department of Public Safety.

Nonetheless, it’s apparent that it required some work and planning to assemble the 10 into 12-foot monolith and decorate it from the stone.

The precise place is so distant that officials aren’t showing it worried that individuals may get stranded or lost looking for it and have to get rescued.

As it is on national public land, it is illegal to put art items without authorization.

Bureau of Land Management officials has been exploring how much time it’s been around, that have generated it, and if to eliminate it.