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England drops Strategy for primary schools to reopen summer as COVID-19 lingers

Strategies for children from England to return to the main school before September have already been dropped, the united kingdom government announced on Tuesday as the nation struggles the coronavirus pandemic.

Children aged between five and 11 were supposed to return to college for four weeks before the summer vacations under the initial plan.

The strategy to re-open colleges in England also split view, with a few parents tired of sending their kids back shortly since Britain has got the second-worst international death toll from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, schools in Western countries like France, Germany, and Italy reopened a month.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson advised the House of Commons on Tuesday the government is working on the upcoming steps to ensure those colleges which could take more kids while respecting the medical suggestions for social distancing. Also, he said examinations will occur next year.

Selected age groups returned to college at the start of June, although not all colleges reopened since they determined it wasn’t safe.

Williamson said security is the top priority and there’ll be a test and follow up strategy to colleges.

Nevertheless, the new main school program was met with criticism.

“We are a strange country where we turn a blind eye to mass demonstrations all-around in each town we campaign for bars and cafes to start, and we say to open colleges before September is overly insecure.

“We’re possibly harmful to children’s life opportunities. People today worry about the outbreak but later on, there may be an outbreak of poverty that is educational “