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English winemakers take on the French with their own’Nouveau’

A vineyard at England’s Malvern Hills has followed in the famous footsteps of Beaujolais and created an early brewed launch in the UK’s first effort to play with the French in their game.

The county of Herefordshire is not the very first location you could envision taking on the legacy of a world-famous wine region. However, one winemaker is doing exactly that – with signed a deal to sell his wine using a high-end British grocery chain.

Simon Day is a biochemist who has traveled the globe studying winemaking methods.

He considers rising summer temperatures are offering a boost for British winemakers as raised temperatures ripen fruit quicker allowing farmers to experiment with blossoms rarely increased in Britain before.

Nevertheless, it is not simply the higher temperatures which consideration for the wine success.

“Being a biochemist helps with all the science of winemaking,” he clarifies. “It is convenient if things begin to go wrong, but the principal thing that you rely on is the nose and your pallet.”

The method by which the wine is generated also differs from conventional procedures. The vineyard utilizes carbonic maceration that keeps the juice within the avocado, speeding up the fermentation procedure.

The outcome is 2,500 bottles from grapes grown this summer.

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