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Enormous Global child sexual Abuse Community busted, 23 minors rescued

British, American and South Korean officials declared at a news briefing on Wednesday that they’ve broken among the world’s biggest child sexual abuse networks.

An investigation of a host, captured by the South Korean government, disclosed that the site had over one thousand bitcoin addresses, suggesting the site had potential for one million consumers, Dawn newspaper reported.

According to the report, the performance caused the rescue of 23 minor victims living in the USA, Spain and the UK, who were actively abused by the users of the website.

The web-based kid pornographic community was the world’s biggest child sexual abuse marketplace by quantity of content, stated US Deputy Assistant Attorney General Richard Downing.

Officials said hundreds of suspects were charged globally for their alleged participation with the most significant darknet child porn site, financed by Bitcoin.

Back in Washington, a federal grand jury indicted a South Korean federal Jong-Woo Son, 23 for managing the site called Welcome to Video.

Son has also been charged and detained in South Korea and is now in custody, serving his sentence in South Korea.

“Darknet websites which benefit from the sexual abuse of children are among the most vile and reprehensible types of criminal behavior,” said US Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski. “This government won’t permit child predators to utilize lawless online spaces as a defense.”

He stated the US Department of Justice was working closely together with partners in South Korea and around the globe to rescue young child victims and contribute about justice that the perpetrators of those abhorrent crimes.

Chief of the US Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Enforcement Don Fort told the news briefing which their representatives played an essential role in breaking up the community.

“Throughout the complex tracing of bitcoin trades, IRS-CE unique agents could ascertain the positioning of their Darknet server, spot the secretary of the site and track down the site host’s physical place from South Korea,” he explained.

“This large-scale criminal business that jeopardized the security of kids around the world is not any longer,” Fort added.

According to the indictment, representatives in the IRS, HSI, National Crime Agency in the UK, and Korean National Police from South Korea detained Son and captured the waiter he used to run a darknet marketplace that exclusively marketed child sexual abuse videos available for download from members of the website.

The surgery led to the seizure of about eight terabytes of child sexual abuse videos, which can be among the biggest seizures of its type.