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EU Commission Provides Croatia the greenlight

“It is a place which is included with independence and privileges but also with good responsibilities, linking this club isn’t something which we take lightly…” Greek Commissioner Dimitri Avramopoulos clarified.

Following four decades of evaluation, the Commission claims that Zagreb fulfills the essential conditions to be a part of their passport-free traveling field. Countries joining should have the ability to guarantee the safety of the bloc’s external boundary – a sensitive political issue because of migration because of 2015.

“The near future Schengen accession of Croatia, but also Bulgaria and Romania is even more applicable and essential given the migratory and safety challenges of today,” Avramopoulos said.

It’s a sore point for Romania and Bulgaria – associates because 2010, they’ve yet to be allowed entry to Schengen.

However, the problem has also split MEPS.

“For Croatia, it isn’t only some type of satisfaction. It’s some type of devotion to upgrade what’s required to overcome its problems,” Croatian Socialist MEP Tonino Picula said.

“I am disappointed. I believe that it’s a political choice and that I regret that we do not discuss it with another Commission. Taking a look at the fact on the floor, we do not have a complete Schengen working – that was a terrible choice,” Slovenian Socialist MEP Tanja Fajon clarified.

It’s up to the EU federal leaders to choose whether or not to allow Croatia to join the club.