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EU could Partly suspend new privacy rules to fight online child abuse

The European Commission is calling to suspend a portion of a new privacy directive for five decades after ascertaining it might stop the voluntary coverage of online pictures of child abuse.

“That would shut the eye on what is happening child sexual abuse online”, she added. “We can not let this happen”.

Both posts which the EU Commission intends to suspend link to creating watermarks on movies and pictures personal, and also to the discovery of internet grooming.

Some experts are worried that these steps will not just be used to crack down on pictures of kids.

“The ability to speak individually, encrypted, openly, is vitally important and beneficial to other vulnerable people which have to have the ability to communicate in an encrypted atmosphere without fear of retribution from authorities or other actors,” Julian Jaursch, Project Director in German think-tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, informed Euronews.

According to this directive is supposed to ensure”the security of personal life and the confidentiality of communications and private data”, making certain electronic communications solutions comply with the directive” when processing communications information “