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EU court Affirms validity of French Home Legislation in Airbnb owners Instance

The Court of Justice of the European Union has confirmed that French home legislation is consistent with EU laws following two Parisian Airbnb owners appealed previous regional decisions which ordered them to pay a fine.

In its conclusion, the Court said that”continued temporary letting of accommodation into a transient clientele that does not take up residence there” is subject to authorization from local governments in France.

In French towns with over 200,000 inhabitants, owners who would like to lease their residence for over 120 times per year should first request an authorization to be granted by the mayor of the municipality.

The Court noted that this”proportionate” legislation is”intended to establish a mechanism for combating the long-term leasing housing deficit, the aim of which would be to take care of the worsening conditions for access to home and the exacerbation of tensions about the house markets”.

“What a fantastic success!” Tweeted Paris deputy mayor for home Ian Brossat who’s been fighting against the housing deficit in the French funds.

Could this be a problem for Airbnb?
“We welcome this judgment which will help explain the principles for hosts who discuss secondary houses in Paris”, informed an Airbnb spokesperson into Euronews.

They noticed that”Airbnb isn’t a party to this situation” since the”case was brought forward by hosts that consider the principles in Paris concerning letting secondary homes aren’t proportionate”.

“This situation will probably have little to no effect on Airbnb at Paris”, they maintained for”in 2019, over 9 out of 10 lodgings on Airbnb were shared for below 120 times”.