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EU leaders meet Through video-conference – Thus do our correspondents

European leaders are meeting via video-conference to talk about, among other items, the way to fund the answer to this pandemic and reconstruct economies afterward.

So with our correspondents from around Europe – also brought jointly by tech – what difficulties are leaders Coping with?

“Germany is naturally, taking a look at the debate over corona bonds since Germany has been traditionally against a variety of ordinary debt,” says Stefan Grobe (German agency ).

“Spain is among the countries which have signed this letter requesting for European solidarity, so it is a component of the alliance of southern nations,” explains Ana Lazaro (Spanish support ).

“In Hungary, there isn’t a great deal of focus towards to the summit and also the Prime Minister Orban would like to get only 1 thing from your leaders, he wishes to prevent criticism of this new proposal to its emergency legislation,” said Sandor Zsiros (Hungarian service).

Italy has become the worst affected nation, so what’s it looking for? It has to be more than simply solidarity?

For France Emmanuel Macron would like to make confident the European Union will agree on financial budgetary and financial instruments to ensure the long-term funding of the results of the emergency, said Gregoire Lory (French support ).