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EU Requires NATO protection against China and Russia — Deadly PM Rutte

“We can’t guarantee our safety”, Rutte said, asserting that Europe does not have any alternative to its alliance with the United States.

He added, means that Europe must consent to US President Donald Trump’s requirements and nurture a fantastic relationship with the United States: “we don’t like it, however also the time when Europe could conceal under the US security umbrella to get a very small sum of money is over”, he explained.

About his nation, the Dutch PM stated his investigation had been based on a Netherlands Atlantic Association study. “Nearly three-quarters of Dutch men and women believe NATO membership to be significant for our safety”, he mentioned.

For many years, US President Donald Trump was pushing for NATO members and notably the EU — to boost their gifts. The US has also decreased some military spending in Europe to fund, like the boundary separation wall with Mexico.

In 2014, NATO members agreed to raise military spending 2% of the gross domestic product by 2024.

The Dutch army spending has risen by 25% because of 2014, but only reached 1.2percent of GDP this past year. The Rutte government intends to additional increase in defense spending in the next several years. “But we need to tell the truth, we will not reach 2 percent by 2024,” Rutte said.

Some analysts and leaders wonder if it isn’t time to spoil NATO. To place pressure on his spouses, Trump announced a year ago that”he could be obsolete”.

The US is the nation that contributes most to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with 22 percent of direct donations.