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EU slams Donald Trump’s decision to suspend WHO Financing

Politicians aired their insecurities following US president Trump said WHO had”failed in its fundamental duty” concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

The EU’s foreign policy chief said he”deeply regretted” that the US decision and reiterated that working together was the best strategy.

Even though Finland’s foreign affairs ministry reacted on Twitter the”US decision to suspend WHO’s financing is a huge setback.

“Finland will continue its service and will improve its funds for the organization this season. It’s in these instances that the WHO is needed to conquer the coronavirus.”

Hilde Vautmans, by the Netherlands, said Trump’s conclusion was”dangerous and irresponsible”.

The US is the world’s biggest contributor to WHO and cutting off payments will disproportionally influence emerging countries.

Trump’s assault came as the US departure shot by the book coronavirus nears 26,000 — the greatest on earth.