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EU welcomes UAE-Israel Arrangement and is”Prepared to Operate”

Europe has said it welcomes the bargain involving the United Arab Emirates and Israel declared on Thursday and is about to work with the two nations going forward.

Talking to APP, Nabila Massrali, European Commission spokesperson, stated: “The normalization will be in the advantage of both, it’s essential for both as well as the regional equilibrium.

The agreement, which was brokered by U.S. President Donald Trump’s White House, will result in greater collaboration on tourism, safety, education, energy, and technology.

It’s also predicted to stop the Israeli annexation of swathes of the West Bank, even though it isn’t clear for how long. In her remark, Massrali explained that the EU was committed to some two-state way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian battle.

Commenting on the impact of annexation, the EU’s foreign policy leader Josep Borrell composed on Twitter:

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is meanwhile known as the introduction of diplomatic ties between both states a”made play”.