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Euronews Unites other broadcasters in donating Advertising space for coronavirus public health messages

Three big news broadcasters are devoting airtime to federal and worldwide health authorities so that they could encourage public health messages to help fight the coronavirus.

Euronews, BBC Global News, and CNN International have dedicated over $46 million worth of advertising space to significant organizations that are attempting to inform and protect citizens to block the spread of this virus.

Between these, the broadcasters, which have devoted a lot of the latest output to maintaining the general public current concerning the COVID-19 catastrophe, reach over 800 million individuals.

“In these difficult times for the entire world, we’ve got a much greater responsibility to deliver our viewers precise info in real-time, across our 12 language variants,” explained Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews.

He added: “Our newsroom was functioning round-the-clock, for example with significant multilateral organizations such as the WHO, to make sure that our viewers remain current with the most recent recommendations to prevent the virus spreading.

“But we wish to go 1 step farther. We’re pleased to be launching this initiative together with our long-time peers BBC Global News and CNN International: collectively, we would like to assist health authorities broadcast their crucial messages more broadly, and we expect several different media will follow suit”

The World Health Organization is the first to take up the deal, using an upcoming effort focusing on seven measures to avoid the spread of this virus.