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Europe accused of’turning a blind eye’ to Danger of coronavirus in migrant camps

In Moria camp on Lesbos, which despite being constructed to house 3,000 now hold 20,000 individuals, medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres expressed worries about the probability of coronavirus dispersing rapidly throughout the camp.

Regarding government information to keep social distancing, and self-isolation for all those displaying symptoms of COVID-19, MSF Field Coordinator Marco Sandrone stated to the people of the camp it seems just like”a joke”.

“How do you ask somebody residing in a tent to return and isolate in his space? How do you request to avoid social contact for people who are queuing in these tiny regions for the meals for those bathrooms? How do you ask kids or a girl to grow their degree of hygiene when there isn’t enough bathroom and shower and water stage from the camp? So everyone these steps for Moria, they do not employ,” he explained.

In recent times the camp has reported shortages of conducting water, and while there have been no official preventative steps taken in the camp up to now, MSF claims masks and sanitation equipment have been dispersed by volunteers.

“Medical care can’t be compromised today only because there’s not any particular strategy from the authorities,” adds Sandrone.

Coronavirus cases are discovered in two camps away from the capital of Athens, together with one moving into lockdown on Sunday morning.

With no instances so far supported on the island camps, the Greek government says its strategy was functional early enough and”had exceptionally good results”.

Citing a shortage of instances from the island camps, the General Secretary of the Greek migration ministry, Manos Logothetis, stated: “We’re now really concerned about these opinions coming from the NGOs, regarding the execution of this program and we’re impressed because all the NGOs which are presently busy in Greece are a part of the operational program and they’ve been educated in time to the execution of their strategy.”