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Europe expands Nighttime train network as Railroad becomes more popular

Going to bed in 1 state and waking up in another? European railroad businesses are moving to enlarge nighttime trains in a bid to make an alternative to flying.

Both nation railroads and operators wish to convince travelers to change from planes to auto cars.

The Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB is contributing to the European community growth and therefore are expected to shortly reach 26 paths.

“we would like to provide passengers an agency as a substitute for flying in Europe and that is why we are currently actually enlarging the community together with partners,” explained Bernhard Rieder, a spokesperson for ÖBB.

In collaboration with other state railroads, the ÖBB system will shortly include cities like Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam.

But on account of the industry liberalization of recent decades, they are now competing with private businesses who’ll plan to provide solutions from Stockholm to Berlin and the Alps, and by the Czech Republic into Ukraine.

But competing with country railroads is not simple: Regiojet would so prefer to determine joint ticket revenue and state subsidies for both public and private railroad businesses.

“Our fantasy is to have the ability to compete on a reasonable open degree with the nation or with other businesses because there must be no difference between a country operator and a personal operator,” stated Aleš Ondrůj, a spokesperson for Regiojet.

Regiojet, together with other personal railroads, has delivered an open letter to politicians, requesting a reasonable competition.

This, they state, is the only method to execute the Green Deal in European passenger transportation.