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Europe heatwave: Lots of fish found dead in Sea Because water temperature nears 29C

Almost ten tons of fish are discovered dead from the Enghien-Les-Bains lake in Val-d’Oise, northern France, as a result of the current heatwave that struck the area, officials clarified on Friday.

Jean-Pierre Enjalbert, president of SIARE, the combined marriage responsible for handling the regional waters, stated that”the warmth and the absence of a clean, clear water source” led to a reduction in oxygen in the lake, causing the death of the fish.

The degree of the artificial lake of 40 hectares, 1 meter deep on average, has dropped by almost 20 cm, and the temperatures of this water neared 29 levels throughout the heatwave, as stated by the Enghien city council.

Police have set up a water oxygenation system and proposed an effluent filtering basin.

Animalist institution Paris Animaux Zoopolis (PAZ) stated this tragedy was”predictable”, and had previously known for this type of pumping system to be developed, provided that the forthcoming heatwave.

PAZ is currently concerned a”second disaster” could involve local birds because of the current poor quality of the water.

The lake is famous for hosting species such as carps, roaches, pikes, and eels.