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European Firms ramp up Brexit preparations as end of transition period .

AS UK-EU officials continue their attempts to achieve a Brexit-trade bargain by December 31, Belgian habits and logistics businesses are getting ready for an uncertain result.

The port of Zeebrugge may be assessing over 80 containers every day from 2021 compared to hardly ten tests and scans every day generally before Brexit.

The job is going forward to stockpile and boat Europe’s most important brands into British supermarkets ahead of the New Year.

Charlotte Daniels, Supply chain Integration manager for logistics and transport firm 2XL stated they will attempt to”be up-to-date and ready, to get a deal and to get a no-deal situation”

“They’re two slightly different situations, so we need different advice,” Daniels said.

The Belgian firm has contacted retired customs officers to look for guidance on how transport used to operate before the European Union’s single market decreased bureaucracy and opened boundaries.

“There are also truck drivers arriving from Romania or Italy, plus they will likely know nothing or nearly nothing, they won’t have the documents ready,” he explained.

In Calais in the entrance to the Channel Tunnel that links France to the United Kingdom, the possibility of waits and recurring traffic jams connected to Brexit is currently testing the patience of several.

The tailbacks are very likely to last into next year when habits, immigration, and standards tests will kick on each side of the station.

Following a half-century of near financial integration, the new challenge of Brexit is turning into a jump in the dark.