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European stockpiles, better coordination: how would Josep Borrell federalise future health policy?

The European Union must take a longer federalized strategy to its health care policies, based on its Foreign Policy Chief.

In a private interview with Euronews, Josep Borrell stated the bloc must be a lot better siphoned in the way that it manages health disasters in the future – like the pooling of assets.

The EU has become criticism over a lack of joined-up coverage in its handling of this Coronavirus. The result was that each member state has embraced its lockdown, immigration, and testing processes.

Health today’ a safety dilemma’
“It’d be helpful to consider what type of response the European Union can provide as a complete later on.

“Co-ordination could be a method, stockpiling tools at European level could be another way. It will not make sense that every nation has its inventory.

“This must be discussed among member countries. To provide more competencies (forces ) into the European Union will take a renegotiation of the treaties, which isn’t on the schedule.