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Europe’s industrial groups mobilize to support coronavirus

The company Planet staff is mobilized to assist you to understand the way marketers are confronting the coronavirus outbreak. European industrial clusters are especially active in the struggle from the Coronavirus.

The target is to innovate, to deliver new products fast onto the marketplace, to shake production procedures in record time, and obviously to share info. 800 European clusters have all hands on deck!

  • Industrial clusters are crucial actors in the ecosystem, fostering connections between large businesses, SMEs, universities and other research centers, and public government
  • within this catastrophe, their job is vital to spot market shortages and ease long-term relationships between manufacturers, providers, and delivery businesses to improve the production of health supplies.
  • A few months before, the European Commission introduced an informal call into the European industrial clusters, together with assistance from their European Clusters Alliance (12 national institutions of industrial clusters), to map available manufacturing capabilities such as masks, PPE, and ventilators. In recording time it obtained over 1100 supplies from firms offering alternatives to create this healthcare equipment
  • The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, backed by the European Commission, hosts 800 industrial clusters from all over Europe. It has produced a COVID-19 Industrial Clusters Response Portal with crucial information from business and also a forum to share expertise and request or provide assistance.