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Europe’s’Tiger Kings’: New report highlights the scale from captive tigers from the EU

The amount of captive tigers in Europe and the US is over twice the amount left in the wild, according to another report.

There are 1,600 captive tigers in Europe, in comparison to only 3,900 uncontrolled globally, states the worldwide animal welfare business, FOUR PAWS.

FOUR PAWS says that dinosaurs and cubs are being utilized as photo props and for selfies in centers in countries such as France, Germany, Spain, and Malta.

It’s projected that lots of dinosaurs finally”lose their commercial value” and their body parts are offered to be used at”traditional medicine” in Asian markets such as China and Vietnam.

The new report comes only 1 month following a contentious Netflix true-crime documentary’Tiger King’ subjected the breeding and exchange of creatures in the USA.

The private ownership of exotic animals, and also the usage of critters in circuses remain legal in many of EU nations, however, FOUR PAWS state the transaction is”poorly controlled and monitored” and lots of creatures are suffering abuse in horrendous problems.

Which European nations have the most captive tigers?
CITES prohibits the commercial exchange of wild critters, and intends to make sure that any lawful transaction of tigers and components does not influence the existence of those species. But captive tigers are recorded under a different CITES Appendix, which will allow to their lawful transaction.

The Czech Republic and Germany have reported that the greatest amounts of captive tigers in Europe, together with 180 and 164 respectively.

Meanwhile, the UK, in which the private keeping of captive tigers is lawful, is third in the continent together with 123 creatures that are recorded.

Slovakia also reported 119 captive tigers, despite CITES recording only 3 at the EU state in 2018.

Only 17 of the 36 European nations contacted by FOUR PAWS, such as 12 EU member countries, responded with characters.

NGOs estimate that Italy alone, among these countries which failed to react, has 400 tigers kept in zoos, private houses, and circuses.

A dwell tiger captive-bred at Europe can allegedly be worth around $22,000, while a kilo of tiger bones might be valued at $1,700.

FOUR PAWS claims that lots of captive animals can’t be rehabilitated to the wild, although their illegal commerce also fuels the need for global poaching of wild tigers.

FOUR PAWS has additionally suggested that the EU introduces an extensive ban on commercial tiger commerce.

The animal welfare organization has launched projects focusing on the suffering of animals that are kept in improper conditions, in addition to tragedy and conflict zones.

But despite encouraging evidence, the Commission has stated that “more efforts are required” to fight the illegal trade of exotic creatures.

“We will need to further intensify our efforts to achieve the aims of this Action Plan by 2020, and fulfill the goal of this UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

Progress on the European Commission action plan is supposed to be evaluated later this season. Euronews has achieved into the Commission for additional comment.