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Evaluation: Coronavirus is the EU’s Best test

Yes, even the European Union was slow to respond, which is clear once you consider it. The coronavirus was originally a health crisis, something that falls largely outside its competences. Additionally, it had been — and still is affecting different nations at various prices. This produces a centralized, uniformed way challenging — even the United States is trying hard to deal.

However, what is maintaining officials awake at night in Brussels is your strain it is putting on solidarity. Various nations are taking exceptionally different strategies. Belgium lashed out in the Netherlands (more than its originally lax measures). Denmark is confused by Sweden’s strategy. Italy is utterly mad over a lack of understanding of economic refuge and also, everybody is completely annoyed with Hungary’s Viktor Orbán.

At this time, it’s that anger in Italy, Spain and everywhere which should stress EU leaders most. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte did not mince his words lately: “We should avoid making such dreadful decisions in Europe. If Europe doesn’t reveal itself to be up for this endeavor, the European project risks losing its raison d’être in the view of our citizens.”

We’re in a critical time for the European Union and as always, when confronted with unexpected challenges, we want extraordinary steps”

These are demanding times, leaders are making tough decisions and if they feel as though they’ve been let down, they may recall. If the EU fails in its activity, people will recall. That is why the stakes for all those here in Brussels are so significant. It is a test they can not afford to neglect.