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Even A Flipper And A Plastic Jar Float: The Narrative Of A Iraqi Man’s Mortal Asylum Bid

The one thing that’s sure about Niknam Masoud’s trip to Britain is it ended.

On Friday 23 August, Masoud’s body has been discovered floating in the water in the Thorntonbank wind farm away Belgium’s shore. The 47-year-old Iraqi was sporting one swimmers’ flipper, a back pack and had plastic bottles strapped to his back as a primitive flotation device.

“They phoned me and said they discovered a dead person,” Carl Decalwe, the governor of West Flanders, informed Euronews. “That is the first time that the dead person was found in our oceans. It is quite sad.”

It’s thought that Masoud was attempting to achieve the UK from France, a path that’s becoming more and more prevalent as immigration policies encounter across Europe. The crossings motivated Home Secretary Sajid Javid to declare a”major incident” at 2018.

A treacherous crossing

In its narrowest, the stretch of sea between the English and French shore is 33 kilometres. It might be a rather short space, however even in summertime the strait is irregular and currents are powerful. A powerful swimmer in ideal conditions would fight to make the trip.

Belgian authorities don’t know how long Masoud was at the water, or by where he abandoned the European mainland, however he could have been the exact same man seen from the water with a fisherman a week, prompting an unsuccessful hunt by the French coastguard.

The public prosecutors’ office in Bruges, that has opened a document into Masoud’s departure, also believe he might happen to be among 2 individuals seen on a makeshift raft in French waters a couple of days earlier. If this is true, another person could be still lost.

“It was a little thing they left themselves.

One factor that’s known about Masoud is he had been in the town of Karlsruhe because December 2018, after he had been arrested on a Thalys train from Belgium from the Aachen Federal Police.

He was afterwards denied asylum in Germany, the Bruges’ prosecutor’s office stated, but it isn’t clear if that choice was made. An agent of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees advised Euronews that it couldn’t supply any information regarding Masoud, citing information security.

From the lack of any information regarding his roots or his trip even if he was really from Iraq or exactly what portion of this country he came from – prosecutors in Belgium have a challenging job on their hands.

“It isn’t easy to research. We do not understand where he began. “We do not understand where he drowned.”